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Vision : To envision an education system that is based on innovative and futuristic educational excellence for the leaders of tomorrow.

Mission : To foster highest quality education & empower the students to lead productive and fulfilling lives as lifelong learners & responsible citizens.

Philosophy : MCPS philosophy is to build a strong foundation by imbibing knowledge, skills and right attitude in the students so that they grow into compassionate, culturally enriched life-long learners, with high self-esteem & respect for others.



Excellence : Highest standards in ethics, academics and other co-curricular performances.

Integrity : Build positive relationship through honesty, respect, belongingness and compassion, which enhances the self-esteem & wellbeing of students and staff.

Citizenship : To go beyond the professional responsibilities to promote democratic principles, human rights, ethics and strong secular ethos and cultural values along with concern for the less fortunate through community services.

Knowledge and Skills : A sharp focus on the pursuit of these .

Environmental awareness : Learn to have a regard for Indian traditions & culture, appreciate diverse faiths & believes and celebrate all major festivals in equal measures.

Personality Development : Broader development of the complete personality by creating a inquisitive mind and spirit of adventure.

Entrepreneurship : Inculcate innovative, competitive skills and knowledge to build strong leadership qualities, a sense of team work, fair play and a desire to excel.